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The Program

The Lab of Meditation Teacher Training Program is laboratory-like exploration, where to explore our inner life and its effects on our bodies, brains, minds, and the community at large. This is an intensive 3-month program, aiming to provide you with the necessary understanding, training, mentoring, and practical experience to invite mindfulness into your life, as a practitioner or as a guide and teacher for others.


In the Lab, through mindful practice, we will become curious scientists, as we observe our inner life, and its reflection in our outer life, with curiosity and with compassionate care.

This program is perfect for individuals wanting to build their personal practice, or for businesses and mindfully-oriented organizations wanting to feel competent and congruent in the practice of mindfulness, meditation and in life, overall.


This journey consists of 13-weeks of immersive evenings (weeknight to be confirmed) plus 2 non-residential weekend retreats.

The training will take place at the most mindful co-working space, Werklab, in Vancouver, Canada.



Successful completion of the 200-hour Teacher Training will provide you with a certification of completion as a Lab of Meditation Mindfulness Teacher.


Join your guide, Hiroko Demichelis, and other wonder-full Lab Guides for an intensive mindful journey focused on personal inquiry, science, biofeedback, and social justice.


The next training starts on September 17th, so inquire today if are interested.



This course is accredited with the International Mindfulness Teachers Association.

The International Mindfulness Teachers Association (IMTA) is a registered non-profit 501(c)(3) dedicated to the professionalization and standardization of the mindfulness field.

As mindfulness rapidly enters many sectors of society - medicine, healthcare, psychology, education, business academia, social justice, judicial reform, and more - there has been a call for rigorous oversight and standardization.

We aim to make meditation understandable and effective. Together we will build a Map of Meaning, a bigger framework to integrate all the new things we will learn together.


The Lab of Meditation Teachers Training has 3 main pillars:

1- A foundation in clinical psychology and science. We will expand upon principles borrowed from psychological schools of thought such as Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and more precisely Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT). 

2- The integrated use of biofeedback devices to demonstrate the positive impact of the practice. This is a quite unique (and fun) feature of this program. Together we will concretely learn what it means to self-regulate, to activate the para-sympathetic vs. sympathetic branch of the autonomic nervous system and the space in-between.

  How? we will use clinical-grade sensors to measure a volunteer's heart rate, heart rate variability, brain activity, hand sweat and temperature, muscle tension, breathing and we will learn together how to make sense of this information so that it will make sense in our Map of meaning.

3- A focus on social justice, which will be embodied through our -the Lab of Meditation- Outreach program. The Lab of Meditation Outreach program aims to bring mindfulness meditation to all community members, especially those in marginalized and disadvantaged spaces of the Downtown Eastside (DTES) in Vancouver.



The Lab of Meditation Teachers Training is centered on community building practices. Together, we will share mindful group dinners, along with other diverse activities, including group meditations, forest baths, and connection via active Facebook and Whatsapp groups.


Supervision and mentorship are provided by our main faculty member and the Lab of Meditation founder, Hiroko Demichelis. Hiro will provide unwavering support and feedback for students, providing each student with verbal and written feedback.


Peer support will also be fostered through sharing practices during weekly classes, team building activities, and participation in classes taught by fellow students.




Field Work & Practicum

Fieldwork and practicum will prepare students to lead meditation with integrity and confidence.


Students are required to teach 35 hours of meditation (15 hours of active teaching, plus 20 hours of preparation: i.e.: individual study, class prep, script curation, etc.) Teaching hours will be obtained through volunteer teaching hours, acquired at work, at local yoga and/or meditation studios.


The Lab of Meditation also offers an opportunity for all our teacher-students to participate and gather teaching hours through:

1) the Lab of Meditation Outreach, our social justice project in partnership with Adler University

2) Meditation at the Werklab studio, every Tuesday at 3pm


The Modules



To Mindfulness


Inside The Lab of Meditation: The Brain


Inside The Lab of Meditation:

The Body


Inside The Lab of Mindful Focus


The Lab of Mindful Happiness


The Lab Of Mindful Calm


Social and Racial Justice, Traumology and Meditation


The Mindful Integration


Your Guides for this cohort


Registered Clinical Counsellor, Meditation Teacher

Hiro holds a Doctoral Degree in Political Sciences and Sociology (Universita’ Statale di Milano, Italy); a Master of Science in Clinical Psychology and a Master of Science in Positive Psychology. She is a Registered Clinical Counsellor at her private practice, the Vancouver Brain Lab, in Vancouver, Canada.

Hiroko started practicing in 1993 under the guidance of Buddhist teacher Davide Cova, in Italy. She has sustained a Mindfulness, daily, individual practice since then. She has attended several retreats and trainings in Europe and North America. 


She has studied under the guidance of teacher dr. Rick Hanson, Pascal Auclair, Michele McDonald (Vipassana retreat) at the Asian Center at the University of British Columbia.


She has completed the Rebirthing Breathwork Teacher Training program and has facilitated individual and Breathwork sessions.


She is the co-founder of Moment Meditation, Canada’s first modern meditation members club in Downtown Vancouver. She served as content director for Moment, curating workshops, classes, scripts, and trainings for the studio teacher, until the studio closed in 2017.


She has taught meditation in corporative environments, to groups and to individuals in her clinical practice. She taught regularly at Moment, since its opening in October 2016 until its closure in October 2018

Heart-Centered Leader

Chastity Davis is a mixed heritage woman of First Nations and European descent.
She is a proud member of the Tla’amin Nation, located in Powell River just off the
beautiful Sunshine Coast of BC. Chastity strives to keep her sacred First Nations
culture, traditions, and values incorporated into her modern day life. She feels it is her life purpose to facilitate the building of bridges between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people and has dedicated her professional and personal life to do so.


Chastity is sole proprietor to her own consulting business, Chastity Davis Consulting and has been a successful entrepreneur for 8+ years. She is the Chair of the Ministers Advisory Council on Aboriginal Women, Chair of Vancouver Symphony Orchestra’s Indigenous Council, and past director for the Minerva Foundation.


Chastity co-founded the Professional Aboriginal Women’s Network and is currently serving as Co-Chair for this important network. Chastity will be completing her MA in International and Intercultural Communications in 2019, has a BA in Professional Communications and a Diploma in Marketing Management and Professional Sales. Chastity is also a Registered Yoga Teacher;

Chastity weaves in Indigenous knowledge with the ancient wisdom of yoga
and brings her practice to Indigenous and non-Indigenous women across BC.


Chastity received two awards in 2017 for her business, Young Entrepreneur of the
Year, Outstanding Business Achievement (BC Aboriginal Business Awards) and 40 Under 40, Business in Vancouver. Chastity has spoken at several international, national, and local events on the importance of building bridges between Indigenous and non-Indigenous peoples.

RHN and Professional Counsellor

Kate is a Nutritionist, RHN and Professional Counsellor in Vancouver BC. She is passionate about being able to help people discover the power of food and its key to wellness in a happy, meaningful and healthy life, using food as a conduit to larger conversations.

Kates education through both Nutrition, and as a Professional Counselling (VCCT) Mindfulness (MBSR) and Plant based science (Cornell) meld the bridge between the mind/body connection which lends to her specialization in Eating Disorders, Mental Illness, Women health and Plant based living. Using food and the brain as a medium for change.

Her training is vast but not nearly as extensive the life lessons she attributes for both finding her purpose, success and healing herself and others.She credits a diverse life that has lead her to a depth of understanding that engages clients in creative, compassionate and meaningful change.

Kate continues to challenge her mind by educating herself in different modalities all the time to be able to offer her clients a comprehensive and holistic look at restoring and regaining health and the self. No two people are alike, and being able to offer a comprehensive and unique approach to wellness is something that she sees working in the day to day lives of her clients.

Kate comes to her work with an approach of combining all the modalities studied and learned, in an effort to address aspects of the mind, body and soul towards the hope of integration of health.

Social Justice Consultant

Cicely is a consultant, facilitator, writer and artist based in Vancouver, BC. She grew up in London, England and graduated from the University of British Columbia with a major in Modern European Studies and a minor in Russian language. She has always been passionate about getting involved in her local community and making meaningful change in the lives of marginalized people. Being a queer person of mixed heritage, it's always been important to her to stand up for those who experience discrimination and oppression in schools, the workplace, and society at large. 

Her passion for activism started in her teenage years when she won an $8 million grant from the British government to build a community center for young people in poor urban environments. She realized the power of commitment to a cause, hard-work, and compassionate community building. This achievement earned her the International Leader of Tomorrow Award scholarship at UBC, where she continued my work towards a more inclusive, just and accessible world. 

In her final year, her work and commitment to revolutionary change earned me a place as a finalist for the YWCA Vancouver Young Woman of Distinction Award. She graduated early and pursued her dream of working with marginalized communities and providing support to young LGBTQ people. She was nominated for the BC Multicultural awards, the City of Vancouver Inclusion awards and finally won the CCPA Youth Leadership Award in Social Movement Building. She was invited to speak at the United Nations Summit in Quito, Ecuador as a member of the Canadian Delegation and more recently, as a keynote for the annual Black Canadian Studies Conference.

In 2017, she was featured as one of "the coolest people who call Vancouver home" and as one of CBC's 150 Black women making change across Canada. She also became a columnist for Daily Xtra, Beyond the Binary, DIVA magazine and The Body Is Not An Apology.

Inclusive Leadership Consultant

Jessie is the founder of the consulting firm Kith and Common.

KITH+common was born from and inspired by its essential purpose; to create space for others to be as they are, without shame.

KITH is a pillar for all things community specializing in business development strategies and community engagement approaches, all from an overarching lens of diversity and inclusion planning and integration.

KITH offers inclusion consulting, customized content and training creation, and group facilitations. Jessie will work with you and your organization to bring inclusive practices and insights to your internal culture in order to help create space for the diversity that exists to grow, flourish and impact change for both your organization and the communities you reach. 

They believe in creating space for all people to come as they are.

KITH is in the work of inclusion to create space for all people to express their diversity and find power in sharing their unique lived experience.

Akeem Pierre is a High Vibrational Embodiment Coach whose joy is to empower individuals to uncover their inner strength and live their highest potential through movement, mindfulness, nourishment, and holistic experiences. Akeem has been exploring the impact of movement on wellbeing since his basketball career ended with him being injured and unsure of what his body was asking for. Now, 8 years since his last basketball game, Akeem guides his students on the journey to tapping into their flow and harmonizing their inner experience with the outer.

High Vibrational Embodiment Coach
Yoga, Meditation and Creative Living Teacher

Melissa Berry Appleton has been a student of yoga for over 20 years. She received extensive teacher training in both yoga and meditation from Michael Stone, Karen Sprute Francovich, and a slew of Anusara Teachers.  Well trained in Vinyasa, Restorative, Trauma Informed Somatic Movement, and Meditation Teacher Training.  Her classes invite people to explore inner landscapes of the body, outer landscapes of the world, compassion, creativity, wise alignment, and breath. Both yoga and meditation practices are strong, gentle, and accessible in the same way we might want our lives to be.

Currently, Melissa is in Buddhist Chaplaincy Training at Upaya Zen Centre, New Mexico under the study of Roshi Joan Halifax.  She is also practices with Norman Fischer from Everyday Zen.  In 2019 she was lay-ordained in the Prajna Mountain Soto Zen Buddhist lineage.  Chaplaincy guides Melissa how one might come along side challenges while supporting the restoration of goodness in the body and world. Her current work explores The Domestic Monastery, community life, ritual/ceremony, cultural anxiety, addiction, consumption of information technology, time, and the greater impact on the future of our world.  How does self-care and spiritual formation serve as a collective 'we care' ultimately unfolding our greatest aspirations for parenting, partnership, intimacy, ecological connection, meaningful work, and influence on generations moving forward.


Melissa teaches two yoga classes each week and specializes in workshops and retreats.  She doesn't lead teacher trainings but is always happy to support developing teachers upon request through the ancient practice of dana. Former Executive Director of ENSO Society (registered charity), Melissa continues her passion for collaboration with amazing Buddhist Practitioners, Clinical Counsellors, Yoga & Movement Specialists, and Wilderness Guides.

Melissa is married, has three teens, a big black lab and a home tucked into the woods with chores that are never complete.  She used to work as a Music & Recreation Therapist and Addiction Counsellor, but then everything changed.  Everything is still shifting and moving today.

Mindfulness and Meditation Teacher, Culture Specialist

Colin is on a mission to change the world by transforming workplace culture. He believes that if we turn the spaces where people spend most of their waking hours into an incubator of transformation and growth, we can unleash the human race’s potential for infinite possibilities and a profound level of happiness.

His journey here started after spending 7 years training as a Buddhist monk. He aspired to bring the practices and tools of mindfulness and meditation into the world where it was needed most. Right now, that place is here in boardrooms, offices, and workplace environments.

Meditation and Yoga Guide, Leadership Coach

Brit is launching her career as a Leadership Coach, Mindful Consumption consultant and Yoga and Meditation Teacher. She is also a student of psychology, human development, leadership, coaching, meditation, yoga, and life.

She is also our wonderful Chief Meditation Officer at the Lab of Meditation.

Nina is a Registered Clinical Cousellor and offers counseling for a wide range of people and draws on empirically validated and diverse therapy models and theories. 

She has a strong interest in supporting marginalized individuals, and is the founder  of Street Feet Society a non-profit  whose effort is to combat foot-related health issues, commonly known as street feet, suffered by homeless folks on the Downtown Eastside. It’s not something that many of us might think about on a regular basis, but it’s an affliction that is both painful and a drain on the medical system. Nina’s goal is to provide clean socks to people who need them, as well as to educate Vancouver’s youth on the problem and motivate them to help collect socks and raise money.

Registered Clinical Counselor, Mindfulness teacher

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